You can rely on us because:

The technicians at Biztek Digital have 31 years combined Microsoft experience and we are commited to providing the best possible service to our clients.
We have breakfix experience with military and other government agencies.
Biztek Digital repair computers, notebooks, and laptops.
We repair operating systems and remove virus activity with minimal interruption to programs and data.
Biztek Digital sells notebooks, tablets, computers, monitors and assorted services.

What areas do we service:
Although we will service anyone anywhere in the country who can connect to our Online Support over the internet we really are a local Adelaide company dedicated to providing the best service to our local clients.

We undertake virus repairs, Data Recovery, Computer repairs, Notebook repairs (including screen replacements), Networking for home and business, and onsite repairs.

What do we sell:
We have decided to put our specials into a blog format. We sell desktop computers, towers and Notebooks. We can still provide Windows7 operating systems on selected hardware.

You can use RSS feeds to keep track of those items you are interested in and also keep up to date with pricing.

We provide various services for clients looking for Internet Service Providers, Domain Names and Website Hosting, Website building and development, Online Storage, Mobile Phone Plans


Online Support

help me

Click on the shortcut above. Download the free version of Teamviewer and follow the prompts to install it. When you run Teamviewer you have to ring to give me your ID and afterwards your password to allow remote control.

Our technicians will be with you quickly to help you deal with your computer problem. When finished with your help desk call simply close the session and the connection applet will automatically close.