The services we offer are

  • Virus Repairs:
    Got virus issues? Dont let some geek format your drive and wipe your data. It is not only possible to have the virus removed, Its normal for a qualified technician to repair the damage done to the Windows operating system. Dont put your photos and precious memories at risk. Always take your virus infections to experienced technicians. The technicians at Biztek Digital are well versed in virus removal and Windows repairs without data loss.
  • Data Recovery:
    Our technicians can recover data from most hard drives that are still spinning up. We know when a hard drive needs to be handed to one of our partners for a disk transplant to save your data. Data salvage is just one of the services our experienced technicians do successfully every day.
    If our software cannot read the drive and recover data, we use the services of

    ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle
    Payam Data Recovery
    Payam like to know where their referrals come from so be sure to tell them Biztek Digital sent you.
  • Computer Repairs:
    Our technicians test and replace damaged components all the time. We have been reparing broken computers for 16 years now and have access to parts which allow us to repair older computers economically and quickly. Experience repairing computers and sourcing parts makes Biztek Digital a sure fire destination for repairs you can rely on.
  • Notebook repairs:
    Screen replacements, new keyboards, repair operating systems, recovery of user data, cooling fans, ram upgrades, and insurance reports.
  • ADSL connections with TPG internet, both plain plans and bundles including Mobile phones.

    ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle
    ADSL home phone
    Adsl home plans make sure the dealer code SR19A appears in the appropriate field so you become one of our customers and we can look after your technical issues with minimum of inconvenience.

    ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle
    NBN plans coming soon
    NBN is coming soon, so watch our for this link to take advantage of these offers.

    ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle

    Mobile plans without contracts

    Take a short term plan without the worry of a contract. Pay by the month by direct debit or credit card. Make sure the dealer code is SR19A in the field when you sign up.
  • Home Networking:
    modem not working or cant connect to your wireless network? Give us a call and a simple home visit may sort out your issue so youre happily surfing the internet again.
  • Online Support: What a handy application to assist you sort out a bothersome issue or error messages. As long as you can connect to the internet we can probably have a look online. This is a user-pays service with the convenience of in-home service.
  • Domain Names, Web Hosting and Website Development:

    Get your domain names and hosting here
    Netregistry Purchases
    Buy Domain Names, Website hosting or just email hosting.
    WORDPRESS Contact us to have a look at the various options for creating your Website, including Sitebuilders and WordPress for static sites or constantly updated sites


Online Support

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Click on the shortcut above. Download the free version of Teamviewer and follow the prompts to install it. When you run Teamviewer you have to ring to give me your ID and afterwards your password to allow remote control.

Our technicians will be with you quickly to help you deal with your computer problem. When finished with your help desk call simply close the session and the connection applet will automatically close.